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A weekly podcast by two huge science fans discussing what’s new and interesting in science!


About All Around Science

Nothing excites us more than science. Science is fascinating, always changing, and never ceases to surprise us. Science is the way we learn about the world around us. Science is our window into incredible worlds, from impossibly small atoms to impossibly distant stars. We want to use it to discover as much as possible, and share it with you every week.

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Your brain is responsible for a lot of things. It has to take in sensory information the environment, interpret and present tha tinformation to you, store memories, make logical decisions, and plan your next game of Dungeons & Dragons. Sometimes signals get crossed and you end up hearing colors and tasting words… Find out a bit about the experience of synesthesia, and what happens when your senses get mixed up with each other.

Episode 31   |    56 min

Meet The Hosts

Maura Armstrong

Maura Armstrong

Bobby Frankenberger

Bobby Frankenberger

Maura and Bobby are two people who love talking about science so much that they did what everyone does in the 2020s… They started a podcast! They have a passion for education and science communication, and all they really want you to do is to love learning about the world as much as they do. 

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